Czech Republic, Liberec


Czech Republic, Liberec

Brigdebulders club status



Our first contact with Liberec was a visit to the Baptist church in 1997 upon the advice of a pastor in Louny.  The group of young adults in the church were ready for a new adventure and it they proved to be up to the challenge. One of them, Bohunka Tominova, even came to work with Atlantic Bridge for two years as office manager.

Now, 12 years later, the Baptist church in Liberec is still a beacon for Atlantic Bridge in the region. Often we use their facilities for training and we always have a home base and a place to stay when passing through. It’s been a good partnership even though very little has ever been formalized.

Two International Youth Festivals took place in Liberec (1999 and 2001) and these were some of the best. Frequent leadership training events also have taken place in Liberec. Last year’s Start weekend for Czech Bridgebuilders was  hosted in Liberec and we were able to have almost 30 youth staying in the church facilities for the weekend. We look forward to a continuing partnership with the folks from the Baptist church in Liberec. They have become good friends!


Reichenbach is the German name for Liberec. A city of 97000 inhabitants. Since WWII is has been a centre of the conflict between Germans and Czechs. Germans were ousted from this region after the war and their homes taken over by Czechs. Liberec is one of the nicer and wealthier towns of the Czech Republic and in an area favourite for skiing. Last year the Ski-jump championships were held at Mount Jested, just outside of Liberec.

Present situation

A Bridgebuilders club went to the USA in the summer of 2009 led by Blahos Fajmon and Nina Kopecku. Further plans are decided on in September when the RST meet to discuss a new two year plan for building the region in Liberec.