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As of the spring/summer of 2018 Atlantic Bridge aims to place one youth leader/mission coordinator in the Most Region. He or she will go to MOST to prepare the Europe Week, a 7 day mission to bring young people (ages 15-18) from four different countries to Most for an outreach to youth in the city and region of Most. The purpose will be to set up a Regional Youth Contact in the Most region. This information and activities platform enables youth from various backgrounds to connect with each other and facilitates various Christian ministries to offer their services to the community of young people in the region each with a distinctive focus and generally on sharing God’s love. The ultimate goal will be to recruit young people to join Bridgebuilders, a program to training young people to build bridges and break down walls.

EVS-interns selected for this project will live in an apartment close to the city center of Most and be involved in various projects that help build connections between youth from different cultural, ethnic and denominational backgrounds in the city and in the region.

The times frames for internships are

  • July 1 2018  -  August 1 (2019)
  • February 1 – December 31 (2019)

EVs-inters are involved in the following activities

1. Research: researching the local setting and the issues facing young people is always part of this project. Doing this informally with a group of local young people identified ahead of time will also build bridges already between young people. The research enables the EVS-volunteer to be informed about the local youth culture and about the local community.

2. Bridgebuilders clubs: An intercultural learning and awareness club on a mission to build bridges, using the gained global learning to impact the local community. Involvement in a local Bridgebuilders club is also part of the program.

3. Visitation Program: Frequently the EVS-er visits schools, community settings, youth activity centers and other places where they can learn to understand the culture of youth while also presenting themselves and their culture.

4. MeetPoints: The MeetPoint is an event to bring different groups and youth together. For the Most region these MeetPoint activities are neew. The MeetPoint program usually lasts just short of two hours and involves a series of uniquely designed program elements that spark the building of bridges and breaking down of walls.

5. Promotional Activities: Promotional activities offers a chance for the EVS-er to discover perhaps a new area of learning as they have the freedom to experiment in this area. Promotion of the EVS program and of European Awareness and common values are part of this each year. Many of these activities will be carried out in schools where there is a welcome as 'native' speaker. Use of Social Media such as FaceBook, Instagram or blogwriting are part of the promotional activities.

6. Multilateral exchange project: EVS-ers also have a role in the planning and organising of a multilateral exchange project; either an International Youth Festival in the summer or a heritage hunt, discovery project.

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