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Slovenia, Murska Sobota


Slovenia, Murska Sobota

Brigdebulders club status

Under Developement


In 2004 director John visited two schools and made contact with students and teachers in Murska Sobota. The Gymnazium and the Economic school agreed to host a Circuit Riders team and a few months later Freddi Kofi from Nottingham UK and AB interns Sam Porteus and Adam Gallo came to Murska Sobota. heir two day visit built further inroads and a group of ten youth were interested in further contact and in helping to build bridges in Murska Sobota.

During that visit we got to know pastor Leon Novak of the Lutheran church in town and since that day the Lutheran church has become the hosting place of many activities to follow.

Next was a First Contact team of four boys from the Dutch town of Houten in the summer of 2006 as a result of which the first Slovenian came to our International Youth Festival, Alen Serec. 

The next summer, 2007, a BB One activity week took place in Murska Sobota with about twenty youth from various countries.

The next spring (2008) an American team from Coatsville Pennsylvania led by Dave Kurtz and Mark Falla did an amazing job of inspiring students and teachers in several schools. It resulted in a team of about ten youth coming to our festival in Nitra, Slovakia in the summer. 

A year later, also in the summer, a one week activity to rekindle the fire and build on to the foundation of contacts took place from July 25-August 2 2009 with a team of youth leaders and young people from the USA (Jackson Hole WY) and The Netherlands (Tholen) Nel Ottema and Trent Moore led the group of about twenty in building bridges in Murska Sobota.

But, despite the many efforts, it continued to be very difficult to find youth leaders to mobilise and take the lead of so many youth interested in building bridges. So a period of quiet resulted for several years.

But in the summer 2012 the interest rekindled and a team of seven youth and young adults gathered from the different Lutheran churches in the region travelled to The Netherlands to participate in the Europe Week in the Dutch town of Bergen op Zoom.


For most Slovenians the region around Murska Sobota is not the most popular region in this country, especially if you have beautiful coalstal line on the Adriatic, ski slopes and historic cities like Ljubliana. The open friendliness of the people of Murska Sobota makes up for the  possible lack of geographic beauty. Murska Sobota is a central town for a region where farming is central. Indeed they farm well in this region and are keen to experiment with new methods. Yet there are also some very surprising places of great beauty in the region but you’ll have to come here to find out where they are, or maybe Google can help.


The region is still in DEVELOPMENT with a Regional Support Team in sight but not yet established.

Present situation

The Bridgebuilders Club Murska Sobota is increasing in size and planning to host a Dutch BB Club in the summer of 2013, from July 28-August 3. After that they travel together to the International Youth Festival in the Czech Republic.