an Intern from Italy


Alessia from Napels, Italy

Sunday Church Marathon.

I am Alessia and only one month ago I came to join the EVS-Interns from Atlantic Bridge in Kruiningen.

I am from Napoli (Napels) and my family is very strong church family. We go to church every week and I love it. But last Sunday was very difficult for me. It was November 2 and for Catholic church that means “All Saints” celebration; I woke up really sad because I thought that morning I would not go to my church and i couldn’t celebrate with my family and with my youth group as every year. And....exactly on that day we went to four different churches on one Sunday!. It was not planned, but it happened when a young man invited us after church in Kruiningen to go with him to Middelburg. We had no other plans so we said yes. And all of us went. Timea and Christina liked it very much because they met different young people and they were used to these churches, but for me they were very different churches.

I am used to the Catholic church and before I came here I was never in any other church. it was too much strange to be there and take part in three different celebration and moreover in Dutch language!!!. I was exhausted and I looked around me. Everyone was praying and when they were singing, they all knew the songs except me, and there were a lot of young people just like in my church, who are one fellowship and they love each others and they do all things together and organize activites to grow their faith! it was great! I thought, maybe...only the service of the churches is different, for the rest we are the same and we are united by God’s Love.”

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