an Intern from Romania


Alexandra Titiu from Tirga Mures, Romania

Hi, I am Alexandra, and I am from Tirga Mures, Romania. I am 19 yers old. I first heard about Atlantic Bridge in 2014 when we went with a group from our town to the Youth Festival.

After the festival I looked up to how can I become one of the interns for the next year, but I gave up. This opportunity came back this year when I heard they were looking for interns. So I applied. So now, here I am in Kruiningen, my home, working as an intern.

I also work in Houten, where I help Nico in building up the BridgeBuilders Club. I like cars and I've been able to drive one here several times. I also like traveling and we've been doing that as well.

And I'm so thankful to see that the friendships I built at the Youth Festival still exist and it's helping a lot.