Intern from Lithuania


Brigita Kursaitė from Lithuania


My name is Brigita Kursaitė, I am 19, and I come from a big city in Lithuania called Panevėžys. It’s totally different living in such a small village like Kruiningen, but I love it! This year has been full of new experiences, laughs, new friends, new cultures, different lifestyles, and new religions. It’s been a great gap year for me after finishing school. It’s my first time traveling to a different country and it’s very far from home, but I’m very happy and excited! Being here has changed my viewpoint on the world that I’m living in. It has been like a real life school because I am learning and growing very quickly!

This year with Atlantic Bridge has brought me plenty of the different experiences such as how to communicate, work with various persons, be flexible, be responsible for yourself and making hard decisions without your parents. It has helped me to improve my English skills and use technology,, discovering new things, friends, places and etc Even though I lived in a big City at home, this small village feels like home. It is a peaceful and quiet place, I am enjoying it so much!