Intern from Ireland


Sophie from Northern Ireland

Hi everyone!

My name is Sophie, I’m 19, and I come from a small place in Northern Ireland called Whitehead, which is around 30 minutes outside of Belfast, just by the coast. I love it there, but I decided that after finishing school I wanted to take a Christian Gap Year and move to to a different country to experience a new culture, meet new people and challenge myself.

I have some experience in youth work and Atlantic Bridge has helped me to develop this. I really like their concept of ‘working in the middle’ as it’s very inclusive and means I get to work with youth from all different backgrounds, beliefs and upbringings. My favourite part about being an intern is getting to work first hand with the youth, whether that be in classroom or on trips and exchanges. I love developing strong bonds with the Youth i work with.

Highlights thus far include our trip to the Czech republic, teaching Northern Irish history in schools and getting to know the local youth. I’m looking forward to many more great experiences in the coming months!