Circuit Riders

Many years ago men on horseback rode the western plains as saddleback preachers inspiring new believers and nurturing new churches into existence. They became known as the Circuit Riders. Today a new generation of Circuit Riders is emerging, not on horseback but travelling by train, on bicycle and by car visiting schools and youth groups across Europe.

image, Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders are musicians, small bands, poets, dance or drama artists or people with a unique teaching topic or ability. They can be English teachers or storytellers; young, old, or any age in between. Whatever they do, they are an inspiration to who they meet. Circuit Rider teams are usually between 2 and 4 members. Their mission is to build bridges and break down walls.


1. Each Circuit lasts for one week. In general a Circuit Riders team visits one location for a two day period.

2. Selecting and training the Circuit Riders to be effective in their task.

3. Build a common jingle (liturgy) for when they go into class rooms – any materials needed? How do we build the expectation so that the schools look forward to the next Circuit Riders team, that we build it surely and gradually!

4. Connecting the Circuit Riders to the Faith Discovery projects locally. Visit an old place of faith.

5. Discuss about growing the list of Circuit Riders each year. Who do they know…

6. Circuit Riders fund – 1000 people who give 12 Euro each year need to be found before the end of 2016. The support for these CIRCUIT RIDERS comes from three sources: a) the Circuit Riders themselves build a support team at home b) a Circuit Riders Fund, which we hope you will be part of, and c) schools that will be hosting these Circuit Riders.

Their Mission

The Circuit Rider's mission is to inspire and mobilize young people to reconsider the faith and the values that inspired their forefathers and for which they fought sometimes at the cost of their own lives. The stage of these Circuit Riders is the class room.


Circuit Riders are recruited in the beginning of each year for short tours in Europe. The tours can last anywhere from 7 days to 3 months, always in the fall and summer, sometimes in the winter and spring.


We ask your help to cover the cost for this mission by giving a one time gift of €12 or whatever that amount translates into your currency. We ask many to give a little. We do this same amount in every country where Atlantic Bridge is working and we ask any and everyone involved in this mission, from staff to Bridgebuilders to supporting friends and churches, Romanians and Americans, those who earn much and those who earn little.

We ask you for a one time gift to be given before the end of 2016.