Gentle Giant Steve

Circuit rider from New Zealand


Steve Apirana (New Zeeland Maori, now living in Australia)

Steve plays the blues from the lands down under. He says he is the ugliest man on earth but God made him beautiful. When he was young other students would always pester him. He knows what it is like to be from down under. Today this gentle giant inspires students to evaluate who they are and where they are going.

For many years he toured Europe with Atlantic Bridge, inspiring students and teachers in schools across Europe. Now he has a different mission: to mobilise young and old to build bridges and break down walls and to lay the basis for the next generations to discover and perhaps recover some of the foundational values of Christianity; the message of faith, hope and love together these values are important for the PEACE in our troubled world today.

Steve and Ainsley Apirana with two of their musucian children, Molly and Reuben are touring Europe from July till the end of October 2014 and in November they will be in the USA, starting in Atlanta and ending in New York.