International Youth Festival - 1999 - Liberec

The place: Liberec, Czech Republic. This beautiful city was taken over for a week by youth from all over the world.

Some of the countries represented were: Holland, Iceland, America, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

It was a week of fun, friendship and learning how to build bridges and break down walls. During this week the Nubian Gents from New York City performed several street dances. These boys were able to attract crowds that created an atmosphere of enthusiasm that helped make the camp what it was… great!

It was during this festival that the first international talent show took place. There was a total of 28 participants in 15 different performing groups. Some of the performances included singing, piano playing, juggling and dancing. First place was a tie between Chelsea Oostdijk and Jesse Heijtink. Two other highlights from the festival were the small groups and the discovery trip to the Town Hall in the center of Liberec where the group was welcomed by the mayor. Wybrand Boonstra, teacher at the Buys Ballot College in Goes, Holland, created a great game in the town square as part of the discovery trip.

Douwe Visser, from Holland, was the speaker. Each morning he shared with us stories from his life and from the Bible. It was a festival long to be remembered. Overall, IYF '99 was a great success and each person involved looks forward to keeping in touch with the people they met and seeing them at festivals in the future.