International Youth Festival - 2000 - Nijverdal

About 125 participants gathered in the Dutch town of Nijverdal for a festival with lots of fun, friendship and faithbuilding.

They came from:

  • Holland (55)
  • USA (33)
  • South Africa (7)
  • Czech Republic (28)
  • Germany (2)

The theme of the festival was "The road not taken" from a poem by Robert Frost, so there was a lot of programming related to travelling, roads, going somewhere etc. The participants were the pilgrims and we were on a journey to Rome, because of the "Pieterspad", a historic path that runs right through Nijverdal and leads from the north of Holland to Maastricht and all the way on to Rome.

We made only a little progress in distance (some pilgrims were lost in Goes and even Zaamslag), but we got very far in our imagination... thanks to Peter Pilgrim, a dramatic enactment by Hans Duine who crashed into various programs to share his joys, frustrations, adventures and accomplishments on his journey to Rome. Our life is like a road. What does your road look like? Do you have a compass? Where does it lead?

Artists were the Nubian Gents from New York City, Itemba (dance and drama team from South Africa), Steve Dearmont (juggler from Nebraska), Hans and Ingo (drama team from Germany) and Geert Doldersum (Dutch musician). But it appeared the participants were all artists as there were many acts and performances during the "Talent show" every evening.