International Youth Festival - 2004 - Nuremberg

International Youth Festival - 2004 - Nuremberg
International Youth Festival - 2004 - Nuremberg

Another Brick in the Bridge - That was the theme of the 10th International Youth Festival, which took place in the German city of Nurnberg.

From 31 July to 6 August, 33 Dutch, 32 Americans, 31 Germans, 13 Hungarians, 9 Czechs, 2 Slovaks, 2 Romanians, 1 Austrian, 1 Brit, and 1 Canadian (total 125) camped out at a school near the city park in the heart of Nürnberg, Germany for 7 days of "bridgebuilding"

Nürnberg Atlantic Bridge team members Christoph and Ulrike Lefherz and Klaus Sparla and Bridgebuilder Intern Vivian Kaiser did a great job of organising this festival. Everyone got to the school on Saturday 31 July for dinner and our first Club and Small Groups. Sunday afternoon we went to the city center to enjoy the Bardenfest, a famous cultural festival in town, and to see "our" steppers perform together in front of the St Lorenz church in the center. They looked like a sea of orange as they all wore their festival t-shirts! Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we had different Optionals and Workshops in the afternoons, such as: stepping, music, creative arts, sports and city and theme tours.

Tuesday we had "X-treme Bridging"! We went to the river that flows through Nürnberg and attempted to build a bridge across about 20 metres of water. Unfortunately, the bridge was only about 10 metres long and everyone who tried crossing it fell in, but we did build a bridge!

In between Club, Small Groups, Workshops and Optionals, we had Talent Shows; Country Presentations; stepping performances by the Nubian Gents, SO-double-U and Step Across and music by Beggars Fortune.

Friday we all said goodbye and made plans to see each other next year at the International Youth Festival in Nitra, Slovakia or Kortrijk, Belgium!

Some one-liners from participants when we asked them about their "best experience":

  • meeting people from Germany and finding out that they are great! (Czech Republic)
  • the X-treme Bridging was my favourite! (Germany)
  • learning to break down walls (Netherlands)
  • the scene and atmosphere of the festival
  • the common programmes when everyone could be together (Hungary)
  • learning about the different cultures (America)
  • taking a piece of God back home with me (Netherlands)
  • visiting the court where the Nürnberg (war crimes) trials took place (Czech Republic)
  • making new friends in the free time (Netherlands)
  • meeting my friend from Hungary (America)
  • I could talk to many people from different cultures and countries (Hungary)
  • I didn't like that the week was so short; it should have been longer! (Germany)
  • My worst experience was when we had to say goodbye. (Netherlands)