International Youth Festival - 2008 - Nitra

Singing, dancing, crazy games, workshops, speakers, tough questions and lots of fun: the international youth festival of Atlantic Bridge was not that big, but full of inspiration!

Youth festival in Nitra, Slovakia with 80 kids and leaders from 10 different countries: Hungary, Poland, America, the Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovania, Indonesia, Germany, Italy. These countries were represented by one or more persons and youth groups.

It was a great week with a lot of pillow fights, funny games, serious talks in small groups, a discovery tour in the city of Nitra and lots of optional activities. Read more about International Youth Festivals of Atlantic Bridge.

All Bridgebuilders who took part in Bridgebuilders One in Jicin visited the festival.

Questions asked

Everyday this monk visited the festival. He came from a mountain nearby Nitra and asked these strange questions like: what is really important for you? Or: are you flexible? Many speakers, drama and presentations gave a lot of inspiration for good conversations and discussions. Also the festival forum gave some serious statements to talk about.