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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hungarians in New York

written by John Oostdyk

a happy exchange

Hungarians in New York
It was the fifth time already in fifteen years

Bridges continue to be build between West Chester PA and Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary

Now let's see. What is really important to know about this particular exchange. If it took place so often, how did that happen and what is the extra value of doing it so often? Who is that person in the front taking the selfie? Does she have anything to do with the frequency of these visits and the building of this bridge?


If we would just tell the story of Jackie Kennedy and Barbara Hohner, we have the whole of the bridge wrapped up in two people. Without this duo, the bridge would fall apart in no time at all.  So Jackie is the person in the middle and Barbara was just able to get her face on the selfie. She is on the far left bottom of the picture.

But we found a better picture of the two of them!


Let's tell their story someplace else because this is just a quick news article. For now we just want to tell you about a great experience the Hungarians had in the USA, starting in New York and ending in the Philadelhia area.

Here's what happened during their vist in the USA ..... in a nutshell:

 to be continued when we get the details from the USA!



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