Many hands are at work to help young people reach each other and build bridges that last lifetimes.

Please consider supporting the work of Atlantic Bridge. A financial donation is easy: you can use the online donation form at the TOP of the website page.You can choose the amount and currency, and as you know, any amount helps!

You can also support us by donating some of your time as a volunteer in our office, in the garden, the Vierslag, or in the field. See our Volunteer page.

For instance, join a Regional Support Team and help young people in their efforts to move forward in their lives and affect the lives of countless others they meet on their path. You can also help out during events, provide dinners for the Bridgebuilder weekends or become host families to provide a home and the bed for the many youth that travel to meet others!

Contact us for more information!

The COIN BOX is a great way to get involved in Atlantic Bridge.

Support our Bridgebuilding Activities by placing a small collection box somewhere, such as in your home, school, church or business. Learn More

We are grateful for your support!

If you wish to support us through a bank-to-bank transfer, our account details are as follows:

Postbank: 272575
IBAN: NL49 RABO 0334 0152 78

Thank you so much for your support!
~ Atlantic Bridge staff