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How are team members funded?

Team members are expected to build a support team at home for prayer and financial support. Atlantic Bridge helps team members recruit a support team. The financial support needed for the project is raised fully by the applicant unless special funding is granted through the Atlantic Bridge Scholarship Fund. European volunteers may be able to receive funding through the European Voluntary Service.

What does an Intern do?

Intercultural Youth Work:

This internship requires being involved in regional youth work and participating in the following, depending on your own interests and talents:

1) Research & discovery of the local/regional youth culture.
Part of the Bridgebuilder Internship year may involve a Marco Polo Project to discover and/or get acquainted with the area you will be working in. You study and observe your host culture and make contact with young people in schools and youth clubs using a research survey.
2) Present your own culture and background.
You will be asked to share and teach your culture, personal background and convictions to members of your host culture, most often in a classroom or youth club setting. It is a good idea to bring video and photos of your home, family, city, country, etc. Atlantic Bridge will help you prepare your program.
3) Become a Bridgebuilders Club leader or help as an assistant leader to build up a local Bridgebuilders Club.
This means you prepare meetings and plan inter-cultural training events for them.
4) Take your Bridgebuilders Club on an exchange week.
Your Bridgebuilders Club may be involved in a foreign exchange, so you will assist in the planning and conducting of the exchange as the Club meet youth in another country, whether close by (Belgium) or far away (USA).

Weekly Activities:

1) Contact work with youth in schools and youth groups.

2) Lead (or assist in leading) a Bridgebuilders Club.

3) Study and training:
a) language
b) culture and inter-cultural training, and
c) some training in inter-cultural youth ministry

4) Plan and prepare promotion and administration of the Bridgebuilder Intern team.

What is a Bridgebuilder Intern?

A Bridgebuilder Intern is a young person between the ages of 18 and 26 who lives in one of our regions for an extended period of time to help build relationships and develop our projects in that region.

Our interns are based in a region for 10 months.
They typically participate in lessons in local schools (for example helping with English), build relationships with local youth and help plan and run a Bridgebuilders Club in the region. They also help develop youth work in our regions by undertaking special projects, such as a Marco Polo (MP) or First Contact research or coordinate a weekend exchange between local youth and a youth group in a neighboring country.

Interns ideally work in teams of 2 - 5 people. When we have more than eight interns we use the word DREAM TEAM as it is a strong enough team to accomplish our dream of inspiring a whole region for the mission of building bridges. They work with Regional Support Teams in the different towns to start, build or expand this mission. bringing young people together.

We also need interns who are gifted in planning, organising, writing and promoting as these are all part of keeping a Regional Youth Contact running.

What is a Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of young adults from different countries who are actively involved in building bridges in the Southwestern part of the Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium. We also call them 'Bridgebuilders interns' as it is an internship-volunteer progam. Most of the interns are supported by the EVS (European Volunteers Service) of the Youth in Action program of the EU, others join on their own accord. The 2013-2014 team is made up of nine interns, eight from Europe and one from Canada.

So let's introduce them:

DreamTeam 2013 / 2014

From left to right:

Hadi is from Israël, has left a good job to be able to experience more of Europe. He likes philosophy and film making and comes from the Druze, a religious community considered a minority in Israël.

Attila is from Budapest, Hungary, is a student of Theology and took off a year between his studies to get some experience. When he finishes his study, he would like to be pastor of a church. He likes many sports but chess and bicycle riding are favorites. He is from a Calvinist-Reformed church.

Matthew is from the Toronto area of Canada. He studied music education at Western University and then went to YorkU for teachers college. He enjoys playing his trumpet, listening to music of all forms and connecting and mentoring youth of all ages. He hopes to one day be a Music Teacher and make a difference in peoples lives through music education. Matthew also comes from a Christian home with roots in the Baptist church.

Jonas is a football trainer from Erfurt, Germany and has been studying Engineering in Dresden. He is active member of a Roman Catholic church.

Paul is from London and has lived in England since he moved from Thailand at the age of seven. Currently taking a year break from a business degree to volunteer at Atlantic Bridge to find new experiences. Likes to play football and aspires to travel the world. Paulis has a Buddhist backgroiund and went to a Christian Secondary school.

Elisa is from Weimar, Germany, also likes to dance, play piano and loves different forms of art. She is from a Lutheran church.

Diego is originally from Colombia but has lived in the Canary Islands for the last 9 years. He studies Bussines Management at the moment and shares his time with activities like writting, reading philosophy and dancing. He decided to come to Atlantic Bridge and take a break from his studies to learn another culture, other languages and learn from different people. Diego considers this time with Atlantic Bridge as an opportunity to gain a new perspective on life, studies and profession in the future. Diego is member of an Assembly of God church.

Petra is from the Czech Republic and is the only one without a religious upbringing. Petra loves to bake and is a project manager and GTD enthusiast. She has an infinite amount of energy to do the right things than the things right, prioritization! She follows her dreams like a straight arrow and never stops finding meaning of her own existence. She loves children and is interested in the Montessori alternative pedagogy approach and healthy lifestyle. In this time, she is seeking the direction of her life to find meaningful and fulfilling work with a positive impact on the world.

Asthgik is from the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. She got her Master’s Degree in Linguistics. She has also been working as an editor in a teenage magazine for the past two years. She loves traveling and making new friends. She dreams to fly to the moon in future. Astghik enjoys making bracelets and hairwraps, loves going to the beach and sunbathing. She is from the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Their tasks vary between doing research into the youth culture in a region, helping students with language learning, giving presentations about their own culture and faith background in schools and before youth groups, challenge students to (re)discover the Christian heritage of Europe, and build interest for Bridgebuilders clubs and in the various exchange projects Atlantic Bridge has to offer. And, last but not least, promote the idea of Europe and the EVS program they are part of.

What's a Circuit Rider?

Many years ago men on horseback rode the western plains as saddleback preachers inspiring new believers and nurturing new churches into existence. They became known as the Circuit Riders. Today a new generation of Circuit Riders is emerging, not on horseback but travelling by train, on bicycle and by car visiting schools and youth groups across Europe.

Circuit Riders are musicians, small bands, poets, dance or drama artists or people with a unique teaching topic or ability. They can be English teachers or storytellers; young, old, or any age in between. Whatever they do, they are an inspiration to who they meet. Circuit Rider teams are usually between 2 and 4 members. Their mission is to build bridges and break down walls.

Who is Punky Monk?

PUNKY MONK was first officially introduced at the festival of Koszeg. Through letters sent to the festival participants he told about his background, talents and also his special calling.

He was once part of a circle of brothers (monks) in a monastary on a hill just outside of Nitra, the oldest city of Slovakia. He left the monastary because he did not feel he could have a real affect on the world by living with his brothers on this hill and only praying. He wanted to actively share God's love with the youth of today.

Some of the things he wrote in his letters to the festival participants were:

he was given a special gift: the ability to travel in time
he gets excited when he sees the word LOVE in action
he loves history and believes it is important to teach young people about things of the past
he has a group of special friends who are called Circuit Riders and togoether with these friends he will lead the Karavaan. He will introduce these friends one at the time

OK. So we are starting our ‘trek’ and let me tell you from the start. I am not a leader though I may lead. I jump in and out of time zones and its tough to tend to all the worlds ailments. I am without age. I am without form but what you see is what you get. I kick shins but for good reason. And there is one word in the dictionary of life that I get very excited about. LOVE.