Wednesday, 18 February 2015

International Youth Festival

written by John Oostdyk

Ninety enjoy the view from Mount Jested

International Youth Festival
Theme was Follow the Star and Search for the Heart

Participants from eleven countries came together to celebrate the 21st festival of Atlantic Bridge in Liberec.


The International Youth Festival again was held at the Campus of the Liberec University. The participants were taken on a ride into the galaxy of stars as they searched for that ONE STAR to lead them to a life of purpose.

Guiding them on their way were a team of youth leaders and Circuit Riders .Below we selected comments from a variety of ages and countries to paint a picture in words of what this festival has meant for the participants.

It was a good experience.I really hope someone is looking at this because I really loved it and I’m so thankful that you chose to involve Romania! (Romania)

This festival is my second one.Atlantic Bridge changed my life and my personality.I think it makes me a better person and gave me a chance to build bridges and break down walls.I’m doing it.(Hungary)

Good to understand and have a complete picture of the idea of Atlantic Bridge.The concept of connecting people, understanding each other, even though we all don’t have the same beliefs.It was great.(Diego from Spain)

The theme of following the star was a perfect theme for me because I loved seeing what to follow.(USA)

It was an invitation of love.I love how in our small group everyone was so vulnerable.(USA)

The festival made me grow in faith.I saw God and I know he saw us and looked at us and thought it was good.I made lots of new friends and had amazing conversations!(Dutch)

I was surprised when I came here.It’s so different from other festivals. I had a great time.(Dutch)