Tuesday, 01 August 2017

The Journey to Dresden continues

written by John Oostdyk

What happened in Dresden?

The Journey to Dresden continues
DRESDEN....THE CITY OF RECONCILIATION! Much happened here for this city to be called by this name!

On October 9, 1989 many people gathered for prayer in the churches guarded by German soldiers. Alexander Neufeld explains what happened...

Two church youth leaders approached the police saying; we are afraid, and you are afraid. let's talk. Talking to each other was never an option, but this time it happened. It became the beginning of breaking down of the wall between East and West Germany.

Dresden is a city where many walls came down, really and figuratively. This city known today as the City of Reconciliation is also called the city of innocense. Dresden is in a valley and often the radio waves did not reach people. Sometimes they did not know what was happening in the world.

This city of innocense was bombed at the end of the WWII on February 13. In a few days 16000 people died, most of them refugees who had come to Dresden because it was safe there. But all the anti-air defenses had gone to protect Berlin.

The Liebfrauen Church in the center was completely destroyed, not by bombs, but by the heat of the sulfuric type bombs that melted the walls made of sandstone. But this church has been rebuild brick by brick from the original bricks.

This and much more we learned from being in Dresden and meeting the people of Dresden, especially the Mennonites, the people of peace, in this city.

The Mennonites are from the Anabaptist tradition and were also persecuted because they baptised twice.

It was great to be with these people of peace. We spent three days in guesthomes in Dresden and everyone agreed the time is Dresden was the best.

to be continued.....