Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nacht van de Wacht

written by John Oostdyk

Dutch and American Bridgebuilders Celebrate Easter

Nacht van de Wacht

"De Nacht van de Wacht" (lit. Night of the Watch) is an Easter wake organized by churches in Kapelle and Atlantic Bridge.

About 100 young people from the area of Kapelle joined in with the activities of the Nacht van de Wacht along with the American Bridgebuilders from Spring Europe, Bridgebuilders from Kapelle, Tholen and Gouda as well as Amy and Cody, the American English Teachers in the Czech Republic.

The event started at 22.30 on Saturday April 7th, 2012, and ended with a breakfast in the church at 8.00 in the morning. The night was filled with workshops, discussion and five different kinds of celebrations and Easter services. The final celebration service took place outside at sunrise. The whole night and day had been overcast, but just at that moment, the sun peeked through the trees and gave this spectacular and chilling moment.