Friday, 09 September 2016

Norway-Czech exchange

written by John Oostdyk

Norwegian Czech Exchange

Norway-Czech exchange
Brigebuilders from Stavanger Norway were hosted by Bridgebuilders from Zatec, Czech Republic

What an amazing week it was!!!!

What made it especially good was the fact that the Zatec students learned to know their own town better! They had no clue as to some of the history of the town.


For instance....that Synagogue, a building in the middle of town. It has been left abandoned till just recently. What happened there 70 years ago will disturb your complacency and bring tears to your eyes. 

Or the dinner prepared by the Vietnames in town. People in Zatec do not usually mix with the Vietnames community. Some new bridges were built when the Bridgebuilders connected with the Vietnamese and they were invited to a Vietnamese  dinner. 


Norway-Czech Exchange in Zatec.
Ten Czech Bridgebuilders from Zatec hosted ten  Bridgebuilders from Stavanger Norway for a week long adventure into the makings of this town and stories from its past that made us think and remember, sometimes with tears in our eye. It was also an exchange between a church group and a group from a school.

Going back to WWII.
Sitting on the sand floor in the Synagogue, a building that had been abondond since WWII and listening to what happened here seventy years ago. The story about Nicolas Winton who saved 600 children as he arranged guest homes for them in England just before the borders closed in 1940. Or visiting Ledce and hearing the distant cries from a town that was utterly destroyed by the Nazi's as an act of revenge. 

Lutherans in a Baptist Church
It was also an exchange between a Lutheran youth group and students of a high school who had no connection to any church. On Sunday they all visited the local Baptist church, another wall broken down as it was a good and imemorable experiences enjoyed by all. Many new bridges were built this week, bridges of friendship and bridges of faith.

from interview with Lenka Fritschova