Friday, 21 August 2015

The YouthWorkFactory

written by John Oostdyk

Working on the nuts and bolts of youth ministry

The YouthWorkFactory
Training seminar for youth leaders

Twenty six youth leaders from ten countries came together at the Vierslag Center for a week of training from August 9 - 16, 2015

They came from Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, England, Hungary, USA, Czech Republic, Romania and The Netherlands. Here are some of the comments from the youth leaders at the end of the week:

Never before have I experienced such warmth and love from such a diverse group of people who were ready to learn, humble, intelligent and funny. (Romania)

We spoke of really deep topics and touched serious ideas but it was a bit too busy to digest it all. (Hungary)

The whole program was inspiring. The way how to approach youth, how to work and relate to them is amazing and the vision is groundbreaking, the road ahead will be hard but full of blessings. Fo rme it is an everlasting memory and I hope God will be with us every step of the way. (Slovenia)

Once we started working together there were a lot of things that united us. However, one of them is most important, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (Croatia)

I have a passion for the youth and I have tried different programs that could benefit them and I have been unsuccesful. Attending the seminar this week has helped me to put things into perspective in terms of building bridges between the different contacts that youth have. I have also learned a great deal as to how to go about this in the UK and lots of wisdom from the experience of others. (England)

The highlight for me was to get to know all those wonderful and dedicated people from all these countries. (Romania)

This week was amazing. My first experience with Atlantic Bridge but I felt myself and at home from the very beginning, welcomed into a family. (Hungary)

When I came to the YWF I had no expectation at all, but the week was way more better than I could think of beforehand. I have become really enthousiastic and want to share this with the youth in my church. (Netherlands)

The project received support from both the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission and from friends in the USA who supported the project through a golf tournament.