Project Coin Box

The COIN BOX is one of the ways you can help support the KARAVAAN. We ask you for a small gift to support a big vision.

Last year we started to raise funds for the Circuit Riders, and we asked everyone to give € 12 per year FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS for the work of the Circuit Riders. For Czechs that means 300 Czech Krones, for Hungarians 3000 Forint.

How does it work?

We ask you to go to your aunts, uncles, father, mother, grandparents, neighbours to ask them to collect coins for the Karavaan, more specifically, for the Circuit Riders. If you are a Bridgebuilder, we ask you to take and distribute a minimum of 3 coin boxes. One of them you should keep for your own coins!

What's cool is that you can keep that coin box at your grandparents all year and once it has produced € 12, the rest is for the expenses of your Bridgebuilders Club.

Let us know if you are interested and we send you a coin box and information on how this money is collected.

To get involved now, go to our Coin Box project site: