Training school

As of February 2021, we are starting a Training School specifically for the mission of Atlantic Bridge. Initially it is for the European volunteers starting their year of volunteering, but we hope that young people, young adults interested in becoming volunteers, will also take part in this training.

In the coming year we will also be able to send young people from our region of The Netherlands to other places in Europe for short- or longer-term volunteering. We like to look at it as a beehive of volunteers coming and going to and from the Bridgebuilders Community at the Vierslag, spreading our good will, cross-pollinating good values and plant outposts of faith, hope and love across Europe.

The training involves different modules that will equip volunteers to do various specific tasks related to building bridges.

The training starts on Wednesday February 3 and every week the same time till the end of March. From 16.30-21.30 each Wednesday including a sober but wholesome dinner.    

Basically, it is a training of forty hours and forty different modules.  The ‘school’ ends on Saturday March 27, a whole day of training ending in a MeetPoint that evening.

As of January 15, we will have a list of the various modules available.

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