Youth leaders training

Youth leaders training

Youth leaders are the key to building youth groups. But the scarcity of these unique humans could be one of the foundational causes for the exodus of young people from the Christian faith. Our ideal is to have each Bridgebuilders Club be led by two youth leaders, a spiritual and a practical leader, a Shepard and a sheep dog.

Search for Youth Leaders

Youth leaders are especially hard to find in places where churches are weak in membership and vision. And not all youth leaders are naturals at leading young people as we ask a strong spiritual focus as well. For these reasons recruiting, training and creating a support team around a team of youth leaders is a pre-conditional requirement before a Bridgebuilders Club can be started.

Rotating Leadership

A delicate balance between leading, guiding and allowing brought us to a concept of “rotating” leadership. The rotating leadership concept surrounds the BB Club members with a supporting network combining specialists, parents and motivated Christians working together to build a team. They support young people in the region in their efforts to build bridges.


A youth leader travels with the group at a discount. Are you the youth leader we are looking for? Please contact us for more information!

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