Karavaan – Autobahn 4

Karavaan – Autobahn 4

Is a project to mobilise, inspire and challenge young people to discover the stories hidden behind the walls of old churches and castles built by our forefathers. At the same time we search for the answer to THE QUESTION of why an estimated 95% of youth in Europe no longer consider faith in God important today. Join us on our journey!

The KARAVAAN is a project to discover a treasure hidden behind walls of old churches or castles. Young people from different countries join this search.The KARAVAAN is made up of two parts, the JOURNEY and the FESTIVAL


The JOURNEY this year starts on Saturday July 26 in Kruiningen, The Netherlands. starts in Prague. Several teams join together for a SENDING experience. Teams go to different countries for several days to a week and join again on Monday August 4 in the city of Liberec where the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FESTIVAL begins that evening.


During the festival we share our different adventures and discoveries. Part of the festival is a discovery trip of Liberec ending with a dinner on Mount Jested, a special day visit to Herrnhut, music, small groups, country presentations and all other parts that have made the International Youth Festival a popular place to be for already 20 years. The festival ends on Saturday August 9 after lunch.

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