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  • Atlantic Bridge stands for building bridges of friendship and faith, and breaking down walls between youth from different cultural, denominational and ethnic backgrounds.


  • The VIERSLAG, center for Bridgebuilding

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  • Our volunteer and internship program is a ten/twelve month training internship that starts in September, 2015 and ends in August, 2016. It is a key part of the Bridgebuilders Training School that equips young people and young adults for the challenges of cross cultural communication and for the many bridges that need to be built in our world today.

Latest News

  • We are the world

    We are the world

    On Saturday November 14, just short of sixty participants joined an evening of fun, faith and friendship at the Vierslag. For a moment the tragedy in Paris was forgotten.

  • The YouthWorkFactory

    The YouthWorkFactory

    Twenty six youth leaders from ten countries came together at the Vierslag Center for a week of training from August 9 - 16, 2015

  • Heritage Hunt USA

    Heritage Hunt USA

    Dutch Bridgebuilders experienced America in a different way looking for the spiritual heart of this great land

  • Gathering in Canterbury Cathedral

    Gathering in Canterbury Cathedral

    We took twelve on a Youth Pilgrimage to the Canterbury Cathedral.

  • We took a break

    We took a break

    We took a much need break this year to regather our strength, replenish our resources and rebuild our mission.


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