There are different ways to volunteer with Atlantic Bridge, short term and long term. First of all at our center in Kruiningen, The Netherlands, but also in other countries.

We need volunteers at our Bridgebuilders Community in The Vierslag.  This old house was built in 1935, previously a retirement home, now a youth centre and home, and is in need of repairs and renovation.  

In the summer of 2021, we started a year long project to renovate, rebuild, restore, reimagine the Vierslag. Fitting the vision, it is mostly done by volunteers and with second hand materials. The project is called HOUSE of DREAMS.

We need carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, gardeners, cooks, cleaners, and general fixeruppers.

You can come on one of our Volunteer days, or just for an afternoon at your own chosen time. But it’s more fun to work together, so we plan Vierslag Vrijwilligersdagen about once a month.  

If you are from far away (for instance, Canada or the USA) you can come for longer, anywhere between two or three weeks and three months, to help out part of the time, get your room and board free and also have time to discover the area, visiting cities like Brugge, Antwerp, Gent, Middelburg, Rotterdam or Brussels, all just one hour away. 

Interested? Email our director, John Oostdyk at info@atlanticbridge.org

EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS and other Year Volunteers

We also have volunteers from other (mostly European) countries staying here for either 3 or 11 months. These are volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps who help us in running the day to day Bridgebuilders Community. They do a variety of tasks in administration, cleaning, gardening, building repairs, promotion, running a coffeehouse and in building contact with the youth in the region while they receive training, guidance and personal development coaching.

And….if you are Dutch and interested in volunteering in another country, we are also a Sending Organisation with the European Solidarity Corps, so we can  send you where you want to go!

For more information about the ESC opportunities, check out the following.

Becoming an volunteer

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