1) TEAM BUILDER /TRAINER /PASTOR for a team of Interns

Profile: This man/woman with experience in leading teams, also has experiene in crossing cultures and in working with or within different churches/denominations.

Task: To lead a team of (about seven) young people/interns from different countries to accomplish their tasks while building each team member’s competence and confidence. During the week, the team leader is part of the team, lives with the team, on weekends he/she works with team members on location.

Age: 24 – 45

Location: Live in a village setting in the Southwestern part of The Netherlands.

The team members (young people from different countries) live together in the same large house in the centre of a small village.

Time frame: start on May 1, 2020.

While single status is preferred, married (with children) is also an option. Housing is possible also for a family.

Compensation to be discussed.

Helpful but not required competencies and interests

  • experience and interest in American culture
  • experience or vision for building bridges between differents churches and denominations
  • willing to travel
  • a ´natural´ in working with young people or in the ability to coordinate the building of relations

Got interested

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