Bridges Over The Schelde

Bridges Over The Schelde

The Bridge Over the Schelde project creates connections on both sides of the Schelde, starting with young people. Teams of friends work together to build a good influence in their immediate surroundings, resonating a perspective and hope. Young people are mobilised to join a team to take on a particular project whereby they learn a certain skill or trade.

But it does not happen automatically!

PROFESSIONALS ARE NEEDED. Efforts are made by a team of Professionals in the region to initiate and guide this process. Each PROFESSIONAL brings a different set of skills and experience to the table to help shape positive teams that foster the mission of building bridges.

One of these professionals is BRUCE KUHN. He uses his experience as a Broadway-actor to help (young) people soar above their own expectations. By way of a four hour training session (initially) participants gain confidence in self-expression while acting out Scriptural passages. See the

Other disciplines involving professionals are found in the YouthWork Factory

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