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MeetPoint 6, Damplein 12 / Parochiezaal


June 11, 2023

Steve en Ainsley Apirana

June 27, 2023

Steve en Ainsley Apirana

June 28, 2023


July 14, 2023

The Vierslag, center for bridgebuilding, events, meetings and activities.

Our volunteer and internship program is a ten/twelve month training internship that starts in September and ends in August. It is a key part of the Bridgebuilders Training School that equips young people and young adults for the challenges of cross cultural communication and for the many bridges that need to be built in our world today.

Vierslag-AB 4Slag

Dawning of a new day

After several years of limited activity and visibility, we are coming out of the shadows to build new bridges in different directions. Follow the Karavaan

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Exchange Projects

Exchange Projects

Atlantic Bridge organises exchanges within Europe and between Europe and North America.

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Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders inspire! They can be musicians, small bands, story tellers, dance or drama artists or people with a unique ability.

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European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps

is a programme of the Erasmus+ of the European Commission.

ESC Internships

Get Involved

Get Involved

Many hands are at work to help young people reach each other and build bridges that last a lifetime.

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