Bridgebuilders community

Bridgebuilders community

A global community for building bridges of friendship, faith and understanding in an increasingly fragmented and polarised world. Brining young people from different cultures, ethnic groups, denominations and religions together. The community is always local (face –to-face), gradually becoming global. Although we are just starting, the foundations for this adventure have been built for thirty years. Bridgebuilders is becoming a global community; a new mission for a new generation.

Three core concepts express our deepest motivation. 

Working the middle – we build bridges in all directions between fragmented groups and polarised worldviews. We make every effort to bring those being marginalised into the middle, creating communities based on reconciliation.

From the Past we build our Future – we don’t turn a blind eye to history and how the values we enjoy today took a long time and many hardships to build.  We are deeply rooted and inspired by the Christian heritage of Europe, the sometime forgotten values that were the beginning of the European Union. We forgive and learn from our historic mistakes, but we don’t forget, so we don’t repeat. The Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus are  our primary source of inspiration and direction.

Search for the heart – looking for the cultural and religious hotspots of hope to add meaning to our lives.  A community built on the foundational values of forgives and reconciliation.

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