Mission and objectives

Mission and objectives

Atlantic Bridge is an international Christian youth organization with a vision of building bridges in Europe and North America to develop ongoing local youth work. Our mission is to mobilize, train, support and send out young people to build bridges of friendship, faith and understanding; and to break down walls of prejudice, ignorance and indifference.

We mobilise young people to join Bridgebuilders Clubs and train them using our Bridgebuilders Curriculum (BRICKS) and hands-on, cross-cultural experiences. Then we send them out, or perhaps back to their own communities, to be ambassadors of change who make a positive difference in their world. A Regional Support Team supports these youth and enables them to be successful in their bridgebuilding mission.

Ten points that help us focus on our core vision

1. We build strongly connected youth teams across cultural boundaries through a comprehensive training program tailored to the specific needs and concerns of young people.

2. We facilitate the exchange of people and resources to support the development and renewal of faith and understanding among youth.

3. We help to re-imagine a vision for a deep and lively youth communities and to strengthen youth work (especially in small or marginalized churches).

4. We prepare youth to constructively express their personal values in a pluralistic society.

5. We provide ongoing support to our established bridgebuilder teams, regional youth contacts, and organizational partners to maintain a high standard of competency among participants.

6. We send out youth with a strong calling to serve their peers and communities and develop a common sense of interconnectedness across ethnic, cultural, and religions lines.

7. We promote a self-propagating model that involves mission minded youth groups in planting and strengthening new youth work models in other regions.

8. We inspire all involved to seek peace, reconcile historic differences, and commit to lasting friendship no matter the societal or political difficulties.

9. We challenge stereotypes that hinder cross-cultural or crossgenerational connexions.

10. We plant a foundational structure that allows for local organization and communication between participants making Atlantic Bridge a truly pan-european and transatlantic movement.

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