The Karavaan is an ongoing interactive project involving research and a variety of activities to recover the spiritual roots of Europe. Consider it an imaginary route past castles and cathedrals that begins locally, anywhere in the world, then becomes a global (European) experience as geographic, cultural and historic barriers and borders are crossed, returning to the local setting to share with the local community what was learned from the experience.

A project to mobilise, inspire and challenge young people to discover the stories hidden behind the walls of old churches and monuments built by our forefathers. While participating in the Karavaan we search for the heart as we answer questions about issues related to religion and culture, church and youth, digging into the roots of the European religious experience, good or bad.

Participants in the Karavaan receive training in preparation of the cross-cultural experience to be expected. Essentially, the KARAVAAN has two parts, the JOURNEY and the FESTIVAL  


Each participating team has a different journey starting in the country and town they live in. Each team will end their trek on Sunday July 23 after which they join the festival starting on July 24, 2023.  The journey consists of a variety of projects either at home or in another country.


The festival takes place on the grounds of Camp Knüll near the village of Schwarzenborn in the center of Germany (close to the city of Bad Herzfeld) from July 24-30, 2023. During the festival we share our different adventures and discoveries. Part of the festival is a discovery trip to the land of fairy tales surrounding the fairy tale town of Neukirchen. Music, small groups, country presentations and various other parts make up the International Youth Festival, a festival that has been around since 1993 and has taken place in a different country each year.

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